She Took Both my Parents and Myself by the Hand and Guided Us Along the Path to College

I would like to take a moment and applaud Mrs. Sosnowski on her excellent work with helping my parents and I with the college journey. She was a tremendous help when it came to searching for colleges and making the best decision. I met with Amy in the beginning of my senior year. My dad had seen the ad for her group seminar. During the seminar, Mrs. Sosnowski discussed everything we, as seniors and senior parents, would be facing during our senior year in searching for a college. The following week, we met at her office and she looked over my transcript and other information and decided that I would be an optimal client. After this meeting, she took both my parents and myself by the hand and guided us along the path to college. She took my interests and reviewed different colleges and pointed out those that would be best suited for me an my intentions. Prior to meeting with Mrs. Sosnowski, my parents and I had never even heard of the school that I am now attending. I am very satisfied with her recommendations, and was accepted to each and every school that I applied to. Thanks to Amy I have found a home away from home and could not be happier. She truly took me by the hand and guided my through each step on this journey. She did not just throw names of schools around as if drawing numbers for bingo; she really looked into my academic and personal qualities. I would like to applaud Mrs. Sosnowski on her undying care for her students and their parents. She knows exactly what needs to be done to succeed.